Lyrics written 18th of september, 2016.


…work in progress…


I don’t like looking like I look back
give me your smile, for the while
I really try to leave my fights unsaid
for the while, please give me your smile

she didn’t love me, anyway
if she had, she would have stayed
and she doesn’t love me, that is clear
if she does, she would be here

I’m so afraid of the way I feel
I am aware I’m not in control
it’s stronger than I know how to be
will a few thoughts break my bones?

I try not to do too much thinking these days
but deep, deep down and far, far in
I linger on your pale blue eyes
as always, everything would just be sin

how sad it is, I have no tears
give me your smile, for the while
and please don’t cry for me
I sliped and I fall and I die

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