Lyrics written 27th of august, 2016.


…work in progress…


I think I’m going back to thee
I think I’m going back to you, Lethe
far away from here and far away from me
let’s just say there’s still someone awaiting me

forgive me, Tyche, but I can’t stay,
Hera has left, she threw me away,
cut out my tongue, no more to say
laughed at my sins, so how could I stay

Hades came to me when I needed light
fell to my knees, at odds with me and my life
no one looked me in the eye
the more I try, the more you’ll cry

the horse is burning, let’s get a ride
all these kind voices in my mind
they want to push me off the path
I laugh now, for an arrow of wrath

I will pack my bags, doing you and me a favor
I’ll get on the train to what you know
if someone calls or shows up at the door
no one will be there to answer anymore

we can have anything we want
except the things we really want
get on the train the next golden afternoon
a thousand miles but gettin’ there too soon

what’s once crooked won’t get straight
press the button twice for a free ticket
guess that’s it, Lethe, that’s it
I’ve made my bed, I’m lying in it

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