Lyrics written in late 2004. Mannborg reed organ recorded 2005 during SxRxOxM’s recording session for Goreblast.

Guitars and vocals where new composed and re-recorded after a harddisk crash in january 2008.


visible, awful but not seen
a lie has built unto itself a throne
stay inside
nothing more needed
don’t waste your time
truth will change

I was alone always forever
sick, alone, not seen
I was there
kept walking
truth has changed

and now it’s time
to end this world

tell me
can you hear the past
tomorrow is tragedy
open your eyes
that you may see
truth is change

but now it’s time
to end this world

is there hope
nightside of eden
a worthless dream
still in my head
so sad about us
change the truth

who are you
I don’t even know myself
go to the mirror
it’s in my head
don’t look away
there is no truth

use your time
to end this world